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Ellipticity enhances adhesion strength for contacts under shear loads

Wu, F., Wang, Q., Li, C., Li, Q. and Gao, H. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 187, 105596 (2024)




Modularized batch production of 12-inch transition metal dichalcogenides by local element supply

Xue, G., Sui, X., Yin, P., Zhou, Z., Li, X., Cheng, Y., Guo, Q., Zhang, S., Wen, Y., Zuo, Y., Zhao, C., Wu, M., Gao, P., Li, Q., He, J., Wang, E., Zhang, G., Liu, C., Liu, K. Science Bulletin, 68, 1514-1521 (2023)



Revealing the interlayer orientations for bilayer graphene grown on hexagonal boron nitride by c-AFM measurement

Chen, L., Jiang, C., Zhang, S., Chen, C., Wang, D., Wang, H., Wang, X., Li, Q. and Wang, H. Carbon, 213, 118271 (2023)



Deducing the internal interfaces of twisted multilayer graphene via moiré-regulated surface conductivity

Wang, H., Wang, S., Zhang, S., Zhu, M., Ouyang, W. and Li, Q. National Science Review, 10(8), nwad175 (2023)



Sono-electro-mechanical therapy for peripheral nerve regeneration through piezoelectric nanotracts

Pi, W., Rao, F., Cao, J., Zhang, M., Chang, T., Han, Y., Zheng, Y., Liu, S., Li, Q., Sun, X. and Shao, Y. Nano Today, 50, 101860 (2023)



Inorganic-Organic Silica/PDMS Nanocomposite Antiadhesive Coating with Ultrahigh Hardness and Thermal Stability

Guo, X., Di, Y., Liang, Q., Li, P., Lv, J., Tian, Y., Li, Q., Jiang, L., Xu, C. and Zhang, Z. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 15 (13), 17245-17255 (2023)



Decohesion of graphene from a uniaxially-stretched substrate: Failure analysis of a frictional adhesive interface

Peng, B., Xu, C., Wang, Q., Zhao, P., Feng, X.-Q. and Li, Q. Friction, doi: 10.1007/s40544-023-0779-x (2023)



Macroscale superlubricity enabled by rationally designed MoS2-based superlattice films

Ren, S., Cui, M., Martini, A., Shi, Y., Wang, H., Pu, J., Li, Q., Xue, Q. and Wang, L.Cell Reports Physical Science, 4(5), 101390 (2023)



Drop impact dynamics on solid surfaces

Fang, W., Zhang, K., Jiang, Q., Lv, C., Sun, C., Li, Q., Song, Y. and Feng, X.-Q. Applied Physics Letters, 121, 210501 (2022)



Continuous epitaxy of single-crystal graphite films by isothermal carbon diffusion through nickel

Zhang, Z., Ding, M., Cheng, T., Qiao, R., Zhao, M., Luo, M., Wang, E., Sun, Y., Zhang, S., Li, X., Zhang, Z., Mao, H., Liu, F., Fu, Y., Liu, K., Zou, D., Liu, C., Wu, M., Fan, C., Zhu, Q., Wang, X., Gao, P., Li, Q., Liu, K., Zhang, Y., Bai, X., Yu, D., Ding, F., Wang, E., and Liu, K. Nature Nanotechnology, 17, 1258-1264 (2022)



Revisiting frictional characteristics of graphene: Effect of in-plane straining

Xu, C., Zhang, S., Du, H., Xue, T., Kang, Y., Zhang, Y., Zhao, P. and Li, Q. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 14, 41571-41576 (2022)



Maugis-Tabor parameter dependence of pull-off in viscoelastic line Hertzian contacts

Ciavarella, M., Wang, Q., Li, Q. The Journal of Adhesion, doi:10.1080/00218464.2022.2066998 (2022)



Visualizing the anomalous catalysis in two-dimensional confined space

Wang, Z., Liang, Z., Kong, X., Zhang, X., Qiao, R., Wang, J., Zhang, S., Zhang, Z., Xue, C., Cui, G., Zhang, Z., Zou, D., Liu, Z., Li, Q., Wei, W., Zhou, X., Tang, Z., Yu, D., Wang, E., Liu, K., Ding, F. and Xu, X. Nano Letters, 22 (12), 4661-4668 (2022)



The origin of moiré-level stick-slip behavior on graphene/h-BN heterostructures

Huang, K., Qin, Hu., Zhang, S., Li, Q., Ouyang, W. and Liu, Y. Advanced Functional Materials, 32 (35), 2204209 (2022)



Abnormal anti-oxidation behavior of hexagonal boron nitride grown on copper

Wang, L., Qi, J., Zhang, S., Ding, M., Wei, W., Wang, J., Zhang, Z., Qiao, R., Zhang, Z., Li, Z., Liu, K., Fu, Y., Hong, H., Liu, C., Wu, M., Wang, W., He, J., Cui, Y., Li, Q., Bai, X., and Liu, K. Nano Research , 15, 7577-7583 (2022)



Dual-scale stick-slip friction on graphene/h-BN moiré superlattice structure

Zhang, S., Yao, Q., Chen, L., Jiang, C., Ma, T., Wang, H., Feng, X.-Q. and Li, Q. Physical Review Letters, 128, 226101 (2022)

*** This work has been highlighted by Tsinghua News.



Domino-like stacking order switching in twisted monolayer-multilayer graphene

Zhang, S., Xu, Q., Hou, Y., Song, A., Ma, Y., Gao, L., Zhu, M., Ma, T., Liu, L., Feng, X.-Q. and Li, Q. Nature Materials, 21, 621-626 (2022)

*** This work has been highlighted by Tsinghua News.



Atomic stick-slip friction as a two-dimensional thermally activated process

Yao, Q., Sun, J., Zhuang, X., Wriggers, P., Feng, X.-Q. and Li, Q. Physical Review B, 105, 165429 (2022)



A PMNN-PZT piezoceramic based magneto-mechano-electric coupled energy harvester

Yu, Z., Yang, J., Cao, J., Bian, L., Li, Z., Yuan, X., Wang, Z., Li, Q. and Dong, S. Advanced Functional Materials, 32 (25), 2111140 (2022)



Harnessing friction in intertwined structures for high-capacity reusable energy-absorbing architected materials

Li, J., Chen, Z., Li, Q., Jin, L. and Zhao, Z. Advanced Science, 9, 2105769 (2022)



Mechanical behavior of blisters spontaneously formed by multilayer 2D materials

Wang, W., Ma, X., Dai, Z., Zhang, S., Hou, Y., Wang, G., Li, Q., Zhang, Z., Wei, Y. and Liu, L. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2101939 (2022)



Evaluation local strain of twisted bilayer graphene via moiré pattern

Hou, Y., Zhang, S., Li, Q., Liu, L., Wu, X. and Zhang, Z. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 152, 106946 (2022)



Vibration-induced nanoscale friction modulation on piezoelectric materials

Cao, J. and Li, Q. Friction, 10(10), 1650-1659 (2022)



Dual-coupling-guided epitaxial growth of wafer-scale single-crystal WS2 monolayer on vicinal a-plane sapphire

Wang, J., Xu, X., Cheng, T., Gu, L., Qiao, R., Liang, Z., Ding, D., Hong, H., Zheng, P., Zhang, Z., Zhang, Z., Zhang, S., Cui, G., Chang, C., Huang, C., Qi, J., Liang, J., Liu, C., Zuo, Y., Xue, G., Fang, X., Tian, J., Wu, M., Guo, Y., Yao, Z., Jiao, Q., Liu, L., Gao, P., Li, Q., Yang, R., Zhang, G., Tang, Z., Yu, D., Wang, E., Lu, J., Zhao, Y., Wu, S., Ding, F. and Liu, K. Nature Nanotechnology, 17, 33-38 (2022)



Successive free-radical C(sp2)-C(sp2) coupling reactions to form graphene

Cao, H., Wang, C., Li, B., Chen, T., Han, P., Zhang, Y., Yang, H., Li, Q. and Cheetham, A. K. CCS Chemistry, 4, 584-597 (2022)



Switchable adhesion with a high tuning ratio achieved on polymer surfaces with embedded low-melting-point alloy

Peng, B., Wang, Q., Feng, X.-Q. and Li, Q. Extreme Mechanics Letters, 49, 1001488 (2021)



Elastocapillary cleaning of twisted bilayer graphene interfaces

Hou, Y., Dai, Z., Zhang, S., Feng, S., Wang, G., Liu, L., Xu, Z., Li, Q. and Zhang, Z. Nature Communications, 12, 5069 (2021)



Tuning frictional properties of molecularly thin erucamide films through controlled self-assembling

Di, Y., Zhang, S., Feng, X.-Q. and Li, Q. Acta Mechanica Sinica, 37, 1041-1049 (2021)



Abnormal Raman characteristics of graphene originating from contact interface inhomogeneity

Xu, C., Yao, Q., Du, H., Hong, C., Xue, T., Kang, Y. and Li, Q. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 13, 22040-22046 (2021)



Using magnetoelectric effect to reveal magnetization behavior of bulk and heavy ferromagnetic materials

Yu, Z., Cao, J., Chu, Z., Pourhosseini Asl M., Yang, J., Wang, Z., Zhang, H., Li, Q. and Dong, S. Applied Materials Today, 23, 101051 (2021)



Sequential growth and twisted stacking of chemical-vapor-deposited graphene

Liu, J., Zhang, X., Zhang, S., Zou, Z., Zhang, Z., Wu, Z., Xia, Y., Li, Q., Zhao, P. and Wang, H. Nanoscale Advances, 3, 983 (2021)



Electric resistance as a sensitive measure for detecting graphene wear during macroscale tribological tests

Huang, Y., Li, Q., Zhang, J., Wang, H., Zhao, P. and Meng, Y. Science China Technological Sciences, 64, 179-186 (2021)



Effect of shear stress on adhesive contact with a generalized Maugis-Dugdale cohesive zone model

Peng, B., Li, Q., Feng, X.-Q. and Gao, H. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 148, 104275 (2021)




Abnormal conductivity in low-angle twisted bilayer graphene

Zhang, S., Song, A., Chen, L., Jiang, C., Chen, C., Gao, L., Hou, Y., Liu, L., Ma, T., Wang, H., Feng, X.-Q., and Li, Q. Science Advances, 6 (47), eabc5555 (2020)



Optocapillarity-driven assembly and reconfiguration of liquid crystal polymer actuators

Hu, Z., Fang, W., Li, Q., Feng, X.-Q. and Lv, J. Nature Communications, 11, 5780 (2020)



Length scale effect in frictional aging of silica contacts

Li, S., Zhang, S., Chen, Z., Feng, X.-Q. and Li, Q. Physical Review Letters, 125, 215502 (2020)



Tunable friction of monolayer MoS2 by control of interfacial chemistry

Chen, W., Tang, C., Li, T., Zou, X., Zhang, J., Jia, S., Yuan, J., George, A., Voronine, D., Ajayan, P., Li, Q., Hao, L. and Lou, J. Extereme Mechanics Letters, 41, 100996 (2020)



Metal Nanoparticle Harvesting by Continuous Rotating Electrodeposition and Separation

Huang, Y., Yang, C., Lang, J., Zhang, S., Feng, S., Schaefer, L.-A., Carney, T. J., Mu, J., Lin, S., Zhou, Y., Long, Y., Kong, D., Li, Q., Li, X. and Wu, H. Matter, 3(4), 1294-1307 (2020)



Universal statistical laws for the velocities of collective migrating cells

Lin, S., Chen, P., Guan, L., Shao, Y., Hao, Y., Li, Q., Li, B., Weitz, D.A. and Feng, X.-Q. Advanced Biosystems, 4, 2000065 (2020)



Thickness-dependent frictional behavior of topological insulator Bi2Se3 nanoplates

Zhu, R., Wang, Z., Yao, Q. Li, Q., Cheng, Z., Guo, X., Zhang, T., Li, X., Kimura, H., Matsumoto, T., Shibata, N. and Ikuhara, Y. Applied Physics A, 126, 285 (2020)



Droplet precise self-splitting on patterned-adhesive surfaces for simultaneous multi-detection

Li, H., Fang, W., Zhao, Z., Li, A., Li, Z., Li, M., Li, Q., Feng, X.-Q. and Song, Y. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 59, 10535-10539 (2020)



Decohesion of a rigid flat punch from an elastic layer of finite thickness

Peng, B., Feng, X.-Q. and Li, Q.Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 139, 103937 (2020)



Observations of 3 nm silk nanofibrils exfoliated from natural silkworm silk fibers

Wang, Q., Ling, S., Yao, Q., Li, Q., Hu, D., Dai, Q., Weitz, D.A., Kaplan, D.L., Buehler, M.J. and Zhang, Y. ACS Materials Letters, 2(2), 153-160 (2020)



Extremely ice-detached array of pine needle-inspired concave-cone pillars

Guo, Z., Peng, B., Liu, Y., Li, J., Pei, W., Li, Q. and Zheng, Y. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 7, 1901714 (2020)



Effect of airborne contaminants on the macroscopic anti-wear performance of chemical vapor deposition graphene

Huang, Y., Li, Q., Zhang, J., Qi, Y., Wang, H., Zhao, P. and Meng, Y. Surface and Coatings Technology, 383, 125276 (2020)



Wrinkle networks in exfoliated multilayer graphene and other layered materials

Meng, L., Li, Y., Liu, T., Zhu, C., Li, Q., Chen, X., Zhang, S., Zhang, X., Bao, L., Huang, Y., Xu, F. and Ruoff, R. S. Carbon, 156, 24-30 (2020)



Tuning friction to a superlubric state via in-plane straining

Zhang, S., Hou, Y., Li, S., Liu, L., Zhang, Z., Feng, X.-Q. and Li, Q. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116(49), 24452-24456 (2019)



Rate-Dependent Decohesion Modes in Graphene-Sandwiched Interfaces

Xu, C., Yang, T., Kang, Y., Li, Q., Xue, T., Liechti, K.M., Huang, R. and Qiu, W. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 6, 1901217 (2019)



Deep neural network method for predicting the mechanical properties of composites

Ye, S., Li, B., Li, Q., Zhao, H. and Feng, X.-Q. Applied Physics Letters, 115, 161901 (2019)



Impacts of the substrate stiffness on the anti-wear performance of graphene

Yao, Q., Qi, Y., Zhang, J., Zhang, S., Zhao, P., Wang, H., Feng, X.-Q. and Li, Q. AIP Advances, 9, 075317 (2019)



Modeling Atomic-scale electrical contact quality across two-dimensional interfaces

Song, A., Shi, R., Lu, H., Gao, L., Li, Q., Guo, H., Liu, Y., Zhang, J., Ma, Y., Tang, X., Du, S., Li, X., Hu, Y., Gao, H.-J., Luo, J. and Ma, T. Nano Letters, 19, 3654-3662 (2019)



Epitaxial growth of a 100-square-centimetre single-crystal hexagonal boron nitride monolayer on copper

Wang, L., Xu, X., Zhang, L., Qiao, R., Wu, M., Wang, Z., Zhang, S., Liang, J., Zhang, Z., Zhang, Z., Chen, W., Xie, X., Zong, J., Shan, Y., Guo, Y., Willinger, M., Wu, H., Li, Q., Wang, W., Gao, P., Wu, S., Zhang, Y., Jiang, Y., Yu, D., Wang, E., Bai, X., Wang, Z-J., Ding, F. and Liu, K. Nature, 570, 91-95 (2019)



Mechanical responses of boron-doped monolayer graphene

Dai, Z., Wang, G., Zheng, Z., Wang, Y., Zhang, S., Qi, X., Tan, P., Liu, L., Xu, Z., Li, Q., Cheng, Z. and Zhang, Z. Carbon, 147, 594-601 (2019)



Spontaneous droplets gyrating via asymmetric self-splitting on heterogeneous surfaces

Li, H., Fang, W., Li, Y. Yang, Q., Li, M., Li, Q., Feng, X.-Q. and Song, Y. Nature Communications, 10, 950 (2019)



Tribology of two-dimensional materials: From mechanisms to modulating strategies

Zhang, S., Ma, T., Erdemir, A. and Li, Q. Materials Today, 26, 67-86 (2019)



3D-printed biomimetic surface structures with abnormal friction properties

Yuan, W., Yao, Y., Keer, L., Jiao, Y., Yu, J., Li, Q. and Feng, X.-Q. Extreme Mechanics Letters, 26, 46-52 (2019)



Vacancy-controlled friction on 2D materials: Roughness, flexibility, and chemical reaction

Liu, J., Qi, Y., Li, Q., Duan, T., Yue, W., Vadakkepatt, A., Ye, C. and Dong, Y. Carbon, 142, 363-372 (2019)



Anti-wear performance of monolayer MoS2 modulated by residual straining

Huang, Y., Yao, Q., Lu, Z., Jiao, L., Zhang, S., Li, Q. and Meng, Y. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 1(12), 7092-7097 (2018)



Tuning local electrical conductivity via fine atomic-scale structures of two-dimensional interfaces

Zhang, S., Gao, L., Song, A., Zheng, X., Yao, Q., Ma, T., Di, Z., Feng, X.-Q. and Li, Q. Nano Letters, 18(9), 6030-6036 (2018)



Ice Melting to Release Reactants in Solution Syntheses

Wei, H., Huang, K., Zhang, L., Ge, B., Wang, D., Lang, J., Ma, J., Wang, D., Zhang, S., Li, Q., Zhang, R., Hussain, N., Lei, M., Liu, L. and Wu, H. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 57, 3354-3359 (2018)



Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Graphene Domains across the Cu Grain Boundaries

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Impacts of environments on nanoscale wear behavior of graphene: Edge passivation vs. substrate pinning

Qi, Y., Liu, J., Dong, Y., Feng, X.-Q. and Li, Q. Carbon, 139, 59-66 (2018)



Superlubricity enabled by pressure-induced friction collapse

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Printable skin-driven mechanoluminescence devices via nanodoped matrix modification

Qian, X., Cai, Z., Su, M., Li, F., Fang, W., Li, Y., Zhou, X., Li, Q., Feng, X.-Q., Li, W., Hu, X. and Song, Y. Advanced Materials, 1800291 (2018)



Revisiting the critical condition for the Cassie–Wenzel transition on micropillar structured surfaces

Fang, W., Guo, H., Li, B., Li, Q. and Feng, X.-Q. Langmuir, 34, 13, 3838-3844 (2018)



Synergistic adhesion mechanisms of spider capture silk

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Oxide-assisted growth of scalable single-crystalline graphene with seamlessly stitched millimeter-sized domains on commercial copper foils

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Contact stiffness of regularly patterned multi-asperity interfaces

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Friction of droplets sliding on microstructured superhydrophobic surfaces

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Iced Photochemical Reduction to Synthesize Atomically Dispersed Metals by Suppressing Nanocrystal Growth

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Disordered topography mediates filopodial extension and morphology of cells on stiff materials

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Scalable synthesis of two-dimensional Si nanosheets

(Lang, J., Ding, B., Zhang, S.), Su, H., Ge, B., Qi, L., Gao, H., Li, X., Li, Q. and Wu, H. Advanced Materials, 29(31), 1701777 (2017)

*** Lang, J., Ding, B. and Zhang, S. contributed equally to this paper.



Friction of two-dimensional materials at the nanoscale: Behavior and mechanisms (in Chinese, invited review)

Li, Q., Zhang, S., Qi, Y., Yao, Q. and Huang, Y. Chinese Journal of Solid Mechanics, 38(3): 189-214 (2017)



Moiré superlattice-level stick-slip instability originated from geometrically corrugated graphene on a strongly interacting substrate

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*** This work has been highlighted by Nature, NSFC, MOST China, CSTAM, ScienceDaily, Nanowerk, MIT News, ChinaDaily, Sina.com, Sohu.com, ScienceChina, Tsinghua News among others.



Line scan reconstruction: A viable approach for tracking atomic stick-slip events and true tip position in friction force microscopy

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*** This work has been highlighted by Nature Materials, Physics World, Microscopy And Analysis among others.




Frictional ageing from interfacial bonding and the origins of rate and state friction

Li, Q., Tullis, T.E., Goldsby, D. & Carpick, R.W. Nature, 480 (7376), 233-236 (2011)

*** This work has been highlighted by ScienceDaily, Society of Chemistry, MyScience, PhysOrg, Physics World, Eurekalert, PennMedia, ChinaDaily, iFeng among others.



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*** This paper was chosen as Editors' Suggestion.



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*** Lee, C. and Li, Q. contributed equally to this paper.
*** This work has been highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology, Materials Research Society, The American Ceramic Society, The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, ScienceDaily, PhysOrg, Futurity, PennMedia among others.



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*** This article was selected for the June 15, 2006 issue of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research and June 26, 2006 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology. Both virtual journals are published by the American Institute of Physics and the American Physical Society in cooperation with numerous other societies and publishers; they can be accessed at http://www.vjbio.org and http://www.vjnano.org.



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